Welcome to The Republican Party of Riverside County

A Message From Our Chairman…

Ronald Reagan once said, “Man is not free unless government is limited.” I believe it is our job to help elect Republicans who will help limit government. Please join the Republican Party by getting involved and volunteering your time, making a donation or simply telling a friend how to get involved to help make sure Ronald Reagan’s beliefs stay true!


California Primary
June 7, 2016


YOU MUST BE a registered Republican to vote In the June 7 GOP Presidential Primary. The California primary is a ‘closed primary’.  Only Republicans may participate.


If you are currently a ‘No Party Preference’ voter (or formerly a ‘Decline to State’ voter) click the “Register to VOTE” button to re-register to vote on June 7.

If you prefer to register by mail, you can get Voter Registration forms at most of these Riverside County locations: Post Office, Library, DMV, or City and County Offices. Make your vote count!


Scott Mann – Chairman
Republican Party Riverside County