Riverside County Republican Party Endorsed Candidates

2020 Republican Candidates Who Received RPRC's Endorsement

Help ensure Republican victories in Riverside County by volunteering and donating to one or more of these campaigns.

The November 2020 General Election is quickly approaching, and Riverside County will be a core battleground. The left has targeted Riverside County Republican, and they will throw everything they have at us. It is imperative that we continue advocating for our candidates and our values until all of the ballots have been cast.

Below is a list of candidates and statewide propositions which the Riverside County Republican Party has endorsed for the November 3, 2020 General Election, with links to campaign websites where available. In addition to supporting the RPRC’s initiatives, we strongly recommend choosing one or more campaigns to support. Volunteering your time, posting a yard sign, and donating are immensely valuable — not just for national elections but for local ones too — and could help sway key elections in Republicans’ favor.

Legislative Candidates

State Propositions

Proposition 14: NO

Proposition 15: NO

Proposition 16: NO

Proposition 17: NO

Proposition 18: NO

Proposition 19: No Position

Proposition 20: YES

Proposition 21: NO

Proposition 22: YES

Proposition 23: NO

Proposition 24: NO

Proposition 25: NO

Local Candidates

Eastern Riverside County
(Coachella Valley)

Jason Moore, Desert Hot Springs City Council
Glenn Miller, Indio City Council, District 1
Linda Evans, La Quinta Mayor
Gina Nestande, Palm Desert City Council, District 2
Evan Trubee, Palm Desert City Council, District 2

Steve H. Jones, Desert Center Unified School District
Dean Primmer, Desert Center Unified School District
Doug Hassett, Desert Sands Unified School District, TA3
Richard Clapp, Palm Springs Unified School District, TA2
Jamey Mullion, Palo Verde Unified School District
Samuel Burton, Palo Verde Unified School District
Diana Mendez, Palo Verde Unified School District

Samuel Burton, Palo Verde Healthcare System
Trina Sartin, Palo Verde Healthcare System

Laura McGallaird, Desert Recreation, Division 5

Kristin Bloomer, Desert Water Agency, Division 5
Randy Duncan, Mission Springs Water District, Division 2

Central/Southwest Riverside County

Kyle Pingree, Banning City Council, District 2
Art Welch, Banning City Council, District 3
David Fenn, Beaumont City Council
Edmund Clark, Calimesa City Council
Linda Molina, Calimesa City Council
William E. Davis, Calimesa City Council
Bob Magee, Lake Elsinore City Council
Yamil Tomassini, Menifee City Council, District 1
Lesa Sobek, Menifee City Council, District 3
Lisa DeForest, Murrieta City Council, District 3
Lori Stone, Murrieta City Council, District 4
Crystal Ruiz, San Jacinto City Council
Russ Utz, San Jacinto City Council
Jessica Alexander, Temecula City Council, District 2
Dustin Nigg, Wildomar City Council, District 2

Dorothy McGargill, Mt. San Jacinto Community College Board, TA2

Shawn Mitchell, Beaumont Unified School District, TA1
Patrick Searl, Hemet Unified School District TA3
Jon I. Norman, San Jacinto Unified School District, TA3
Daniel Burruel, Nuview Union School
Ed Repucci, Nuview Union School
Cathy Coate, Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District, TA1
Edward Garcia, Perris Union High District, TA4
David Santos, Perris School District, TA2
Vimieca Green-Jordan, Perris School District, TA4

Dennis Tankersley, San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare System

Matt Schumsky, Valley Wide Recreation & Park, Division 5
Harvey Ryan, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Division 2
Phil Williams, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Division 4
Larry Smith, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, Division 5
Jeffrey Armstrong, Eastern Municipal Water District, Division 4

Stanley Fogle, Idyllwild Fire Protection District
Christina Reitz, Idyllwild Fire Protection District

Northwest Riverside County

Anthony Daddario, Corona City Council, District 2
Chad Willardson, Corona City Treasurer
Ike Bootsma, Eastvale City Council, District 5
Michael Goodland, Jurupa Valley City Council, District 2

Anna Coriddi-Meza, Corona-Norco Unified School District, TA1
Bill Pollock, Corona-Norco Unified School District, TA5
Linda Jean Chard, Jurupa Unified School District, TA4
Tom Hunt, Riverside Unified School District, TA4
Marla Kirkland, Val Verde Unified School District, TA1

Bart Moreno, Juruopa Community Services, District Division 4
Bernard Murphy, Rubidoux Community Service District

Ronald D. Anderson, Jurupa Area Recreation & Park Division 2, FT
Peggy Rogers, Home Garden, County Water District
Mike Gardner, Western Municipal Water District, Division 1 ST

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