Riverside County Republican Party Endorsed Candidates

2020 Republican Candidates Who Received RPRC's Endorsement

Help ensure Republican victories in Riverside County by volunteering and donating to one or more of these campaigns.

The November 2020 General Election is quickly approaching, and Riverside County will be a core battleground. The left has targeted Riverside County Republican, and they will throw everything they have at us. It is imperative that we continue advocating for our candidates and our values until all of the ballots have been cast.

Below is a list of candidates the Riverside County Republican Party has endorsed for the March 3, 2020 Primary Election, with links to their campaign websites. In addition to supporting the RPRC’s initiatives, we strongly recommend choosing one or more campaigns to support. Volunteering your time, posting a yard sign, and donating are immensely valuable — not just for national elections but for local ones too — and could help sway key elections in Republicans’ favor.

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