Statement on Behalf of the Republican Party of Riverside County Condemning the Tragic Events that Took Place in Charlottesville this Past Weekend

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August 17, 2017

(Riverside County, CA) – The Republican Party of Riverside County denounces the egregious events and attacks in Charlottesville this past weekend that tragically lead to the unnecessary and untimely loss of Heather Heyer’s young life, and the losses of Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke M.M. Bates when their helicopter lost control while in the line of duty in attempt to restore order and calm. It is exceptionally abhorrent that an organized event lead by an association of hate groups that align with racist ideologies that include nazi, neo-nazi and the ku-klux-klan’s white supremacist world view had the audacity to do so under the banner of “Unite the Right”. They are not Right, they are definitively Wrong.

Political diversity in American has led to a rich tapestry of ideas and solutions for improving our way of life and culture as a society. We unquestionably condemn these Hate Groups that have no role in the arena as they fundamentally are contrary to that objective in thought, word and deed. They no more represent the right than they represent the left. They are an entity in and of themselves, an outlier group with depraved minds and the enemies of love and harmony.

We additionally condemn groups committed to violence as a method or tactic in enacting some kind of radical agenda which once again includes the groups previously mentioned as well as the organization of thugs that refer to themselves as ANTIFA. This group, since its inception, has threatened, attacked, beaten and bludgeoned countless individuals in the name of radical leftism. As an organization they make no apologies in painting large groups with a broad brush in a devious attempt to disrupt mindful political diversity and channel their hate by attempting to associate Republicans and Conservatives with outlier hate groups. This is a lie bent on building walls between us instead of building bridges. Their violence over the weekend and every event they have ever been a presence at still does not overshadow the lives lost over the weekend, but they do foreshadow future violent events and jeopardize the lives of everyone around them should their actions persist.

Hatred whether it is of race, faith, ethnicity, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation and political diversity – is still hate, and it has to stop.

Jonathan Ingram, Chairman
Republican Party of Riverside County



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