Recall Newsom

Riverside County Supports Recalling Governor Gavin Newsom

California is heading off an economic cliff and Governor Gavin Newsom is driving the car.

The Riverside County Republican Party support the efforts to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

We encourage all like-minded Riverside residents to get involved. Below is a letter from our friends leading the effort.

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Dear Friends,

Voters are angry, and they have a right to be.

Newsom has devastated the state’s economy with his dictatorial on-again, off-again shut down orders. We pay the highest taxes in the nation for a state government that treats business and middle-income families as the enemy, catering exclusively to monied special interests in Sacramento.

Voters have a recourse — the power of Recall. We did it in 2003 and we can do it again with your help.

To qualify a Recall, we need to gather 2 million signatures by November 17. California has over 20 million registered voters, so we need just 1 out of 10 voters to sign. If the lines at our volunteers tables are any indication, it will be a success.

We have 250 Leadership Volunteers working hard in every county. This all-volunteer effort has collected over 150,000 signatures in the opening weeks of the signature drive.

The success and enthusiasm of our volunteers have attracted top political talent to our campaign. We are motivated, organized and being guided by experienced professionals.

Our massive volunteer base will help us collect signatures at a much lower rate than other campaigns. Our total budget to qualify this recall comes to just over $3 per signature for 2 million signatures — about $6 million total.

When we turn in 2 million signatures it will send shockwaves across California and the nation. With your help, we can do this.

Thank you,

Orrin Heatlie
Lead Proponent

Anne Hyde Dunsmore
Finance Director

Mike Netter
Coalition Founding Member

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