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Dear Friends:

Today, we live in a state controlled by one party that recklessly raises our taxes, spends our money, and suffers no consequences for their idiocy on Election Day.  Businesses are leaving and jobs aren’t coming back.  Families struggle and Sacramento’s solution to the problem is higher taxes for their out-of-control spending. The people in the 58 counties of California are ready for a new direction. We need lower taxes, fiscally conservative leadership and an end to special interest Sacramento politics.  We must elect more Republican conservatives to restore California to its rightful place as an economic powerhouse. United and working together we can show the people of Riverside County a better, more prosperous way to accountability and reform.

We are the party fighting to protect working families from Gavin Newsom’s Sacramento. Their high taxes, out-of-control spending, job-killing overregulation, attacks on our second amendment rights and civil liberties must be stopped at the ballot box!. We are the party of small business, fighting to protect job creators from the endless mountains of red tape.  We are the party fighting for better education, safer neighborhoods, and the restoration of the American dream.

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We need your help to shake up Sacramento and take back California.  We need your time, energy, contributions, and votes. Join our team and make California great again.

Thanks for all you do for the Republican Party of Riverside County


Matthew Dobler
Chairman, Riverside County Republican Party

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Our Chairmen, Johnathan Ingram
“I’m honored to serve as the Chairman for the Republican Party of Riverside County. I am excited work with every grassroots leader and group to ensure we win big 2024.
I believe the Republican Party’s best days are ahead!”

Our Chairman,

Matthew Dobler

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