Make California Great Again

It is time to repudiate the false gospel of America’s diminishment and retreat.

Republicans Will Rebuild The Economy and Create Jobs

We are the party of economic growth. We believe all residents of Riverside County and the State of California should have the opportunity to learn work and realize the limitless prosperity made possible by a society free from over-regulation. Freedom to make your way and have a real chance in life. Not a hollow handout with strings attached. In the Republican Party of Riverside County, as well as the GOP at large, the American Dream is alive and well.

The government does not create prosperity. The government can only limit or destroy it. Prosperity is the product of self-discipline, enterprise, saving, and investment. Prosperity provides the means by which California citizens and their families can maintain their independence from government, raise their children by their values, practice their faith of any kind, and build communities of cooperation and mutual respect.

We envision an opportunity society based on the economics of inclusion

Nourishing the continued vigor of our economy makes better life outcomes possible for all.

Democrats tell us that we should accept the new “normal” of a slow-growing economy. The consequences are too dire to ever accept that. President Obama and his party will be the first modern president ever to leave office without even a single calendar year of three percent economic growth.

The number of Americans living in poverty has increased by 7 million

It is time to make California great again. We must lead the way, and the Republican Party of Riverside County is ready to take charge in Southern California, to offset our nation’s nearly $8 trillion of cumulative output average economic recovery and start creating jobs. Right here, right now.

Business closures have exceeded business startups throughout the Obama Presidency. This is unacceptable. Strong growth, more jobs, increasing incomes, and expanding opportunity are all in short supply under the Democrats.

Riverside County Is The Battleground To Make California Great Again

This is not the best America can do.

It is time to repudiate the false gospel of America’s diminishment and retreat. We offer instead our vision of an opportunity society based on the economics of inclusion.

Obama’s Legacy Is Historic In That there Was Not A Single Year With 3% Growth

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